Blue Illustrated Self Love Book

Chronic Connections: Symptom Tracking and Self Care Journal

As a welcome gift from me to you, this is the tool I wish I had from the very beginning. Despite my hand-tremors, I hand-wrote every page, hoping this journal would bring you comfort, color, and reflection as you embark on your journey to reclaim your health. Happy Journaling! - Lydia P.

Track Your Symptoms

With monthly-spreads spanning the whole year,  take the time daily to track your symptoms with a quick "dot".

Practice Self Care

After each calendar month, explore the Self-Care prompts that range from reflective journaling to enjoying nature.

Set Monthly Goals

At the beginning of each new month, set a goal to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind.

Reflect on the Patterns

As you progress in your journey, visualize the evolution of your symptoms in a streamlined line-chart format, made simply by connecting your daily-dots. Celebrate the small victories!