15 years old - Proctor, Minnesota

Erin is a 15 year old from northern Minnesota. She is active in her communities Special

Olympics program, bowls for her local high school and is very artistic. She was diagnosed with Covid in early January 2021 and experienced only mild symptoms. She had a sore throat, fever, stuffy nose, fatigue and an intense headache. All the symptoms cleared within a week except for the headache and fatigue. Around two weeks after her initial diagnosis she started to feel out of breath when walking from one room to another. One morning, her parents woke her for school and were startled to see she was blue. The oximeter indicated that her blood oxygen was down and her heart rate was abnormal. She was taken to the ER where Drs confirmed she was tachycardic, but insisted this was perfectly normal.

As the symptoms persisted and the headaches continued she found that some of her classes were too demanding on her breathing and was forced to drop them. She had an appointment to see her primary-care physician to hopefully get some answers. The morning of the appointment, she woke with a horrible headache and was sent immediately to the ER again. Once again, they confirmed tachycardia and ran an EKG, which yielded normal results. Drs have told her not to exercise, to avoid caffeine, and to no longer have chocolate. They have requested an Echocardiogram to rule out any heart damage.

Recently, Erin has also been battling brain fog. She struggles to remember what she was doing or needs to do. Her fatigue is a daily battle and her heart rate has stayed between 100 - 172 bpm for the last 2 months. She finds that she is extremely irritated all the time and struggles with sitting still when she feels like she has energy. She’s looking forward to finding answers in her upcoming tests soon.