Abbey Carter

16 years old - Toledo, Ohio.

Abbey is a 10th grader from Ohio who loves photography, music, and DIY projects.

She became very sick in March of 2020, before testing for COVID-19 was available.

Getting out of bed was difficult for her, and she also experienced pain in her side, a cough, and migraines, as well as a 60 day fever.

Though she felt better for a while, she began to experience migraines severe enough to land her in the Emergency Room.

After seeing a myriad of specialists, including cardiology, infectious disease, pulmonology, and

gastroenterology, Abbey was able to find relief for her asthma, but was still left in the dark for the majority of her symptoms. She continued to experience full body aches, as well as striking leg pain in addition to her original GI symptoms.

Almost 10 months later, things are beginning to look up for Abbey, as she will soon receive

a heart monitor to track her tachycardia.

She is hopeful that in the near future, she will find answers to her symptoms and begin to improve. For the time being, she is staying strong, enjoying the company of her cats, and playing her guitar.