Alix Jonemann

13 years old - Louveciennes, France

Alix fell ill in early March of 2021, experiencing a migraine and a slight cold, but nothing particularly concerning to her at first. Later that week, Alix's father began to experience

symptoms, went to get tested, and became the second positive case in the household.

The following day, both her mother and brother also tested positive for COVID.

Alix's mild symptoms soon began to intensify, resulting in a visit to the Emergency Room. She experienced chest/lung pains, difficulty breathing, trouble moving her legs, and decreased ability to speak.

On her father's birthday, Alix was admitted to the hospital, where she underwent a battery of tests, including ECGs, Xrays, Ultrasounds, all of which came back "normal". In early April, she underwent another inconclusive blood test and second hospital visit. She felt as if the medical professionals treating her believed that her symptoms were exaggerated and purely psychological, which only furthered her frustration.

Alix was finally able to see a pediatric pulmonologist, who ordered a lung function test. This test revealed that her lung function was suboptimal, and she was officially diagnosed as a COVID Long Hauler. She also saw an immunologist via telehealth visit, who kindly encouraged her to keep on fighting, and told her that she'd recover with patience and courage. She hopes to meet other young long-haulers via Chronic Connections, and wishes them luck in their respective journeys.