Ashleigh Pomerant

17 years old - Ontario, Canada

Ashleigh is a 17 year old from Ontario, Canada who loves sports and socialization. She fell sick with COVID-19 in early June, and came down with a fever and shortness of breath. Walking from the couch to the fridge left her breathless, as if she had just sprinted up a flight of stairs.

Within a few days of her initial infection, Ashleigh began to experience additional symptoms, consisting of extreme fatigue and concentration issues. She had trouble holding conversations for longer than a few minutes without being confused, and constantly had aches and pains all over her body.

Two weeks passed and Ashleigh broke her fever, noticing that her initial symptoms were on the decline. However, as soon as her quarantine period was over, a short walk brought back all her previous symptoms, excluding the fever.

She experienced headaches, insomnia, difficulty with word recall, skin sensitivity, and lightheadedness. The only thing that Ashleigh felt alleviated her symptoms at this point was rest.

This marked the beginning of a 2 month cycle where Ashleigh would exercise and hang out with friends on her good days, only to fall back into her state of exhaustion and pain and requiring a few days of rest before trying to take part in any further activity.

Eventually, she gave up on socialization and limited her exercise to walking less than 200m to the mailbox.

Throughout this time, she had a lot of fear that she’d never fully recover.

Though her recovery has not been linear, she is noticing that the trend is in the right direction, and has hope that eventually her health will be back to normal!