Bailey Hutton

14 years old - Prescott, Arizona

Bailey was a healthy 14 year old freshman in high school until she contracted COVID in December 2020. Her first symptoms were slight fatigue and allergy/cold symptoms; she really thought it was just seasonal allergies. Then, Bailey lost her taste and smell. She recovered a week later and was fine, and even went on a family skiing trip mid January.

Bailey had a little bit of a hard time breathing and a lingering cough, but those symptoms seemed to be normal lingering side effects for almost everyone, and she brushed it off as being due to the higher elevation than she was used to. These symptoms continued for another month after her trip.

Bailey made her first doctors appointment in mid February. The pediatrician told her he didn’t know much about dealing with COVID, but would prescribe an albuterol inhaler. Bailey tried this, and felt it did not help at all, as it made her feel extremely dizzy. The doctor then prescribed a different inhaler, but she had such a bad reaction to this that she had trouble standing from the dizziness. She missed 4 days of school because she couldn’t get out of bed. She stopped this inhaler after 2 days, and the dizziness subsided to a manageable level after about a week. After another appointment with the doctor, she underwent a lung capacity test, which she had to continue performing over and over to get high enough numbers, in between feeling very dizzy. She was then referred to a pulmonologist. From there, her symptoms continued to grow. Bailey couldn’t sleep at night, had extreme fatigue, leg pain, headaches, sensitivity to light and sound. In mid-March, the brain fog and memory loss started. It started small, and grew and grew to the point where she broke down crying and said she couldn't remember anything. School was very difficult for Bailey, it was hard waking up every day with only about 3 hours of sleep and having to try and learn things she wouldn’t remember.

Her symptoms continued to worsen, seeming like something new came up every couple days or week, continuing for months. After much deliberation, her family decided to have her tested for Lyme disease in May. Bailey's older sister was sick about 2 years ago with Chronic Lyme disease, and they thought that COVID could have triggered dormant Lyme in Bailey's body. After a positive test, Bailey was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease and is now looking forward to staring a protocol very soon to be on her way to recovery! Bailey's symptoms include: Headaches Insomnia Fatigue Exercise intolerance Leg pain Chest pain Shortness of breath Memory loss, Feeling of disconnected/dissociated, Everything feels foggy and far away, Sensitivity to light and noise, startled easily, Difficulty reading/concentrating, Loss of taste and smell, Burnt taste, Dizziness, Loss of appetite, Shakiness in hands, arms and legs, Costochondritis. She looks forward to her journey to better health.