Cade Heinberg

20 years old - Illinois

Cade is a 20 year old college student from Illinois who has dealt with long COVID for 5

months. He came home for thanksgiving and contracted the virus, but never recovered. Since then, he's been stuck living at home and has had to sublease his apartment, as taking care of himself became too draining.

Cade's main symptoms have consisted of crippling fatigue, brain fog, short term memory issues, dizziness, breathlessness, parosmia, PEM, eye soreness/tiredness, ringing in his ears, along with much, much more.

Though a few of his symptoms have improved with drastic lifestyle changes, others have worsened or simply stayed the same.

Cade changed his diet and exercise entirely in order to help lessen the intensity of his symptoms. Before contracting COVID, he swam laps in a pool multiple times a week, but now finds himself out of breath from putting his shoes on or even chatting with a friend. Some days, he can manage a 5-10 minute walk outside, but if he tries to push that limit, he finds himself afflicted with the same spiral of symptoms for the next few days.

In terms of his diet, he soon found out that eating most foods caused an intense wave of fatigue and brain fog. For the first 2-3 months of his experience with Long COVID, Cade lost 20 lbs.

After reaching the lowest point in his weight, he decided to opt for a diet change. He researched past cases of post-viral fatigue, and decided to follow a low histamine diet, sticking only to anti-inflammatory foods in an attempt to avoid flare-ups, which he has found to help his brain fog.

In terms of his social life, Cade has lost many friends and people close to him. He finds that his experience has changed who he is, and is afraid to leave his home aside from his daily trips to the park.

Aside from the unfortunate fact that his social circle is not very supportive of his condition, he finds that school has been harder to manage with the brain fog, but thinks that having classes online has made things somewhat easier.

He's still deeply concerned about going back to school in-person in the fall despite being fully vaccinated.

As Cade finishes up the school year, he hopes the changes he's made to his lifestyle will translate to symptomatic improvement and overall betterment of his condition.