Camille Liot

16 years old - Dunkerque, France

Camille contracted COVID-19 in late February of 2020. Her first symptoms were mild and

flulike, but after a week, she noticed everything was beginning to worsen. Her fever spiked to 104 F, and she experienced body aches, nausea, trouble breathing, and loss of smell. Her sickness endured for 5 weeks, during which she had 3 doctor's appointments and a chest X-ray, because she tore a muscle from coughing.

Following these 5 harrowing weeks, besides a little trouble breathing, Camille's illness seemed to subside, only to return in October, sending her into a new frenzy of symptoms. She had stabbing chest pains, was unable to walk up the stairs without pausing to catch her breath, and noticed her heart rate would elevate to 150bpm despite sitting still or lying down in bed.

Camille also finds herself extremely fatigued, and her oxygen level is usually low. Since October, she's seen a pulmonologist, cardiologist, and her primary care physician.

Despite having run a multitude of tests in an attempt to further uncover her medical mystery, the results all came back "normal". Her physician explained the novel nature of Long Covid and how it made cases like hers difficult to treat, asserting also that it's widely misconstrued as "adolescents making a big deal out of it", which is the reason for the lack of attention from the medical community in France thus far.

She lives with her health issues and chronic fatigue every day, which has prevented her from attending her usual amount of classes because of her frequent appointments and painful flare ups.

She wishes everyone who comes across her story luck and strength as they navigate these difficult times.