David Santandreu

19 years old - Barcelona, Spain

David fell sick on the 9th of July, 2021. He experienced a mild case of COVID-19, which included symptoms of a sore throat, high fever, leg pain, and dizziness.

On the 10th day of symptoms, David had a productive cough and congestion. After about a week, his cough and congestion faded, but he began to experience extreme shortness of breath.

He visited the Emergency Room twice, and received a chest X-ray to screen for pneumonia. The results were clear, and he was sent home. Over time, these initial symptoms began to fade, but David started to experience extreme fatigue and blurry vision.

Eventually, the shortness of breath returned, in addition to insomnia, and has not left him since.

He hopes that one day, he’ll fully regain his health and be able to lead the life he lived previous to his infection with COVID-19.