Diya Dadlani

14 years old - Pine Bluff, Arkansas

As an avid, multi-sport student athlete, Diya's positive COVID-19 test on November 2nd,

2020 left her heartbroken, as it meant that she would be missing her first few basketball games. Throughout the quarantine period, she experienced mild symptoms including

dizziness, fatigue, nausea, body aches, loss of taste and smell, hallucinations and headaches.

Though some of her symptoms improved following the quarantine period, she continued to experience extreme headaches, slight dizziness, brain fog, weakness in limbs, fatigue, body aches, and loss of taste. With the headaches reaching an unbearable level of pain, Diya visited the ER three times, where MRIs and bloodwork were done, only to have these tests come back "normal".

She has seen several medical professionals via zoom as well as in person, yet she has still not been given a clear explanation in regards to her persisting symptoms.

Diya persevered, continuing to play sports and attend school, but she realized that everything was much more challenging than before her infection. She felt as though she was missing out on a lot and wasn’t able to perform as well in sports.

In order to find some relief from her symptoms, she has tried several medicines, acupuncture, acupressure, and other remedies. As of now, she has put a few of her sports on hold to focus on her health.

The past four months have been extremely difficult for Diya's mental and physical health, especially because of her inability to do some of the things she used to enjoy prior to her health crisis. She also feels that her loss of taste has tremendously affected her mental/emotional health.

Diya is beyond grateful for her wonderful support system and all of the doctors who have helped her. She will continue to try new ways to relieve the pain.

Though it is extremely hard for her to stay positive as a multi-sport student athlete, during this process, she remains resilient and keeps in mind that everything does happen for a reason. She looks forward to better days, where she won't have to worry about her symptoms and can play her sports full-time.