Elise Unruh

16 years old - Hutchinson, Kansas

Elise tested positive with a mild case of Covid-19 on November 25, 2020. Her symptoms were typical, consisting of a fever, shortness of breath, migraine, loss of taste and smell, among other ailments. After she found it difficult to make it through her first day back to school,

Elise began to realize that her symptoms worsened after about a week of recovery from her initial infection. She experienced chest pain, difficulty breathing, and extreme fatigue accompanied by brain fog and severe headaches.

She sought treatment for her migraines, but her other symptoms continued and new ones developed.

Elise had painful and sensitive skin, a rash on the bottom of her feet, and light sensitivity. After about 6 months, these sensitivities gradually improved, however she still struggled with shortness of breath and severe chest pains.

Elise felt tingling in her extremities, as well as a nauseous and lightheaded feeling when sitting or standing up from a supine position. She notes that this makes it difficult for her to do anything other than lying in bed, and completing her online schoolwork from there.

Elise is currently using a wheelchair to assist with her mobility, and wrote her story for Chronic Connections from her hospital bed. After almost 11 months of “normal” tests, she is still searching for answers regarding her Long Covid.