Florian Georges

19 years old - Poitiers, France

Florian contracted COVID-19 in early December of 2020. On December 15th, 2020, during

one of his medical school lectures, he experienced a brief seizure that looked suspiciously like facial vascular pain. The seizure lasted only two seconds, but Florian was left with excruciating pain behind his right eye. This pain prevented him from sleeping well at night, and he developed insomnia and chronic fatigue. Additionally, Florian experienced partial paralysis of his right eyebrow as a result of the episode in December, and had to undergo physical therapy in order to regain his ability to control its movements.

Over the following months, Florian's eye and jaw pain migrated throughout his body, leaving him with neck, chest, and back tension that prevents him from concentrating throughout the day.

This tension also affected the auricular and temporal area of his head, and his muscular pains take the form of tension headaches that also affect his chest and back.

The medical professionals with whom Florian consulted were suspicious of his condition's relation to COVID-19, and diagnosed him with cluster headaches instead. Florian believes that his 2-second seizure was directly related to the after effects of COVID, especially given the fact that he had no prior medical history and all of his medical tests (including brain MRIs, neuropathy screenings, and many other tests) have all come back negative. Florian is glad to have a group with whom he can discuss his unordinary symptoms and finds support from the other members of Chronic Connections.