Julien Denis

21 years old - Paris, France

Julien tested positive for COVID in February 2021, infected with the South African and Brazilian variant. As soon as he began to experience his first symptoms of chest pressure and breathlessness, his family advised him to consult with a doctor, who then redirected him to the hospital, where all his tests came back "normal".

These symptoms only lasted a few days into his infection, but towards the end of his isolation period, Julien began to notice an onset of chest pain and heart palpitations.

Upon his second visit to the hospital, he was prescribed medication for stress and anxiety, which his doctors believed to be the cause of his recurring symptoms.

Later on, more symptoms began to manifest, including headaches, muscle pain, strong muscle degradation, significant weight loss, and dizziness, among many others. An array of cardiac and chest examinations have concluded that everything is "fine", despite the fact that Julien continues to experience discomfort. He's tried many different treatments for chest pain, but so far, hasn't found much relief.

Julien still has hope that one of these days, his symptoms will stop because of the body's natural healing, and in the meantime, has sent his medical records to a Long COVID rehabilitation center in Paris for further medical support.

He finds relief in talking to others confronted with this illness and hopes to find the answer to his symptoms in the near future.