Kailey Faubion

20 years old - Marshfield, Missouri

Kailey contracted COVID-19 on December 15, 2020. Her illness was considered a "mild" case, and she experienced fever, brain-fog, shortness of breath, among other typical COVID symptoms. After reaching the two-week point, Kailey began to experience extreme tachycardia and felt chronically exhausted. She has massive panic attacks caused by her symptoms and couldn't leave her house because she was so weak.

Eventually, she was diagnosed with POTS via tilt-table test, and had debilitating gastrointestinal symptoms that have somewhat resolved since her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She still has flare ups of exhaustion and brain fog, and her POTS is ever-present, along with her shortness of breath.

Kailey feels about 85% better than how she felt at the two week point of her experience with COVID, but is still struggling to feel completely normal again. She feels as though her mental health has declined more so than ever, but she is working very hard at ensuring she remains healthy and on the path to recovery.