Lauren Lee

20 years old - Allen, Texas

Lauren tested positive for COVID-19 in late January of 2020. Since her initial infection, she's experienced chronic dizziness, persistent shortness of breath, and weakness in her hands

and arms. Though she's experienced anxiety since her teenage years, she feels that her experience with COVID-19 has worsened it, making it increasingly difficult to sleep and handle day to day social situations, such as leaving her apartment.

Lauren has visited the ER several times for a multitude of reasons pertaining to her Long-Covid experience, one of which being pressure in her ears and head. She was referred to an ENT, who diagnosed her with TMJ, a jaw disfunction that occurs at night due to teeth grinding. She also experiences heart palpitations and a strange, tight feeling in her chest.

Lauren received her first dose of the COVID vaccine a week ago and hopes that it will help alleviate some of her symptoms. She looks forward to hearing from others with similar experiences and remains hopeful for a full recovery.