Maganne Atkins

16 years old - Boise, Idaho

In June 2021, Maganne was fully vaccinated, but believes she may have contracted a mild case of COVID-19 in July 2021. It is now January 2022, and she has been suffering from excruciating headaches, dizziness, nausea, and horrible brain fog. Formerly an honors student and competitive soccer player, Maganne’s condition required her to leave her team and miss most of the fall semester at school for the sake of her health. The environment at school is intolerable given her symptoms, as she is now incredibly sensitive to lights and sounds. Sometimes, Maganne can find herself so dizzy that her vision goes black and she nearly faints.

She mentions that she is tired of being in her bedroom, and continues to search for resources and medical support in a city that will believe that her symptoms are real. After two ER visits and one hospital stay, she was treated for a “migraine” and soon after, discharged. All medications that have been prescribed to Maganne have not brought her much relief, making her sicker than before.

Maganne expresses that she is grateful to have found Chronic Connections, and is hopeful that being connected with other teens enduring this post-viral illness will allow her to feel more connected to the world.