Megan Bernardo

22 years old - San Diego, California

At the end of July 2020, Megan was presumed positive for COVID-19. On February 23, 2021,

she tested positive for COVID. Both instances of her infection left her with shortness of

breath, body aches, a low grade fever, a cough, chest pain, a sore throat, headaches, and extreme fatigue. Her second experience with the virus was more severe, and she began to feel short of breath and felt pressure in her chest. Megan contemplated going to the ER many times, however, her normal O2 sats made her decide not to.

Megan believes her second infection is what ultimately led to the development of long term symptoms. She struggled to breathe and visited the doctor a month after her positive test. To alleviate her respiratory symptoms, she was prescribed albuterol, which helped her. Two weeks later, she was provided a steroid inhaler. During this time, Megan could not walk very far without wheezing and could not run at all. As a result, she needed to nap every day for a month following her initial diagnosis and sill struggles with fatigue. Additional symptoms she experiences include weekly headaches, brain fog, and high heart rate. In May of 2021, Megan received her second dose of the COVID vaccine, which she reports has helped alleviate some of her symptoms.

Her doctor followed up with a chest X-Ray in mid may, which came back normal, and after which she was told there was nothing additional that could be done to help. She was referred to a cardiologist and a pulmonologist, underwent extensive testing, and received mostly normal results. During a spirometry exam administered by the pulmonologist, Megan’s difficulty breathing was so severe that she found it difficult to complete the test at all.

As she continues to explore her symptoms, Megan has discovered that many of her symptoms may have something to do with her larynx, pointing in the direction of probable VCD, which many other long haulers have reported struggling with.

Megan’s resilience is an inspiration to those around her and she hopes to regain her health as more and more is uncovered about the mysteries of Long Haul Covid.