Reed Gantz

22 years old - New York

Reed fell ill with COVID in February of 2021. His first rapid test was negative, but he insisted to his family that it still felt like COVID. This was surprising to Reed’s parents, as he had been very careful about double masking, but he still insisted on quarantining for a few days. Sure enough, within five days, both his mother and his father tested positive for COVID-19. Reed’s acute infection consisted of headaches and fever, and the initial symptoms went away within about 2 weeks.

A few weeks after this initial recovery, he began to exercise again. He went on a long run, and the day after, was hit with a multitude of debilitating symptoms, among them including headaches, depression, fatigue, brain fog, tachycardia, and muscle aches. He recounts that he was initially confused and thought he may be experiencing random anxiety/depression, so he consulted a psychiatrist, who quickly deduced that he had long-covid. Reed was vaccinated (Pfizer) about a month after his initial long haul symptoms, and believes it helped him with brain fog and fatigue. However, he began to notice a strange new symptom: pain in his teeth. He consulted a dentist, who concluded there was no clear dental issue. His fatigue improved, but he still did not comprehend the importance of rest. Reed, like many others early in their chronic fatigue journey, tried pushing himself and going on more runs, only to be thrown into relapse with post-exertional malaise. He was previously very active, and needed to learn to pace himself.

In trying to recover, Reed tried a multitude of methods. He tried Wim Hof breathing, took many supplements, tried fasting, going on the antihistamine and low histamine diet, and is now trying treatment recommended by Dr. Patterson and the IncellDX team. He’s also just begun physical therapy to try to increase his exercise tolerance.

Now, 6 months into his long-haul symptoms, his worst symptoms are constant headaches/head pressure and teeth pain. He also experiences tachycardia, POTS, feverishness, post exertional malaise, and worsened psoriasis, all of which seem to have gotten better with time. He had a short bout of pulsate tinnitus, but it eventually went away. He also struggled with mental fatigue; anything too mentally demanding would cause his headaches and brain fog to flare up. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science last year and was just beginning his job search when he caught COVID. A full time software job can be very taxing, and Reed is still waiting to recover some more before returning to the job search. He’s slowly begun trying to get back into things he used to enjoy. Before falling ill, he ran a D&D campaign for a group of his old high school friends. He hasn’t felt confident returning to it until recently, and although he still can’t give it the same 100% of his mental energy, it has been fun and has represented his slow and steady return to normal health.