Sterling O'Ray

20 years old - Phoenix, Arizona

Sterling turns to nature to alleviate her symptoms

Sterling is a 20 year old art/film major from Phoenix, Arizona. She contracted COVID-19 while working in retail, and watched as a mere "sinus infection" progressed to something far more severe. Beginning with a partial loss of taste and smell in late November, Sterling's symptoms worsened to the point where she was left debilitated and unable to work or drive. Her persistent dizziness and brain fog along with her bizarre sensations of numbness and tingling brought her anxiety and heart palpitations, along with other neurological symptoms that she describes as shocks/electric bolts of pain that would appear at spontaneous intervals of time.

She also experienced heavy eyes, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, shaking, chest tightness, heart palpitations, rib pinching, and tachycardia.

Sterling's fatigue left her unable to work

In an effort to alleviate her symptoms, Sterling made changes to her diet and began a regimen of supplements including zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d, magnesium, B-12, and a myriad of others.

In total, she has seen around 9 different medical specialists to no avail, telling her that nothing could be done at the moment.

With perfect vitals, clear MRIs, and a positive COVID antibody test, Sterling embraced the diagnosis of "Covid long-hauler" and does her best to keep her body nourished and healthy in order to reclaim her health.

She takes small nature walks, eats extremely clean, creates art, meditates, and follows positive affirmations to motivate herself to persevere, as she knows this is only temporary and she has hope to get back to her normal life soon.