Victoria Claro

15 years old - Phoenix, Arizona

Victoria contracted COVID-19 around the end of November, and unfortunately, witnessed as the infection spread throughout her whole family.

Along with the loss of her sense of taste, Victoria experienced severe headaches and terrible back pain. The headaches left her in a state of debilitation, where she was unable to get up from bed because it felt as though she had a drilling sensation in her head.

Simple tasks such as climbing up the stairs of her home became difficult, as once she would reach the top, Victoria would struggle to catch her breath and would be exhausted for hours afterwards. One night, she found herself needing to stand until morning because of the intensity of her headaches.

A month later, she was re-tested for COVID and her results came back negative, for which she was very grateful. To this day, Victoria still suffers from terrible headaches and back pain, but hopes to see a gradual decline in symptoms very soon.